Hardwares are physical component of a system. Therefore, A laptop hardware is physical component of the laptop which enables its functionality. The laptop hard ware includes: display screen, top panel, keyboard, touch pad, motherboard, cooling fan, CPU, RAM, ROM, HDD, wireless card, video cad, optical card, battery, charger, speaker, hinges, external port, camera, palm rest assembly.

  1. DISPLAY SCREEN: this is the most important part of the laptop computer. The screen is also known as the monitor screen, just as a desktop computer has a monitor screen, in the same way does the laptop has its display screen. It is an output device which the user uses to take the output of the input data. The types of screens are LCD, LED, VGA, XVGA, CCXL
  2. THE TOP PANEL: this is also an important part of the laptop which every laptop has. The top panel is where the display screen of the laptop is fixed. To be specific the top panel of the laptop is where the display screen is installed.
  3. BASE PANEL: the base panel is also an important part of the laptop. You can specify it as the most important part of the laptop because all the others parts or hardware of the laptop is installed in the base panel its self
  4. KEYBOARD: the keyboard is also an important part of the laptop. It can be used to input data into the system, because the keyboard is an input device. The external keyboard is larger in size than the internal keyboard but the external keyboard has many buttons.
  5. TOUCH PAD: the touch pad is also an important part of the laptop. The touch pad works as a mouse as the desktop computer has a mouse, the same way does the laptop computer has its touch pad. It is a pointing device just like the mouse.
  6. MOTHERBOARD: this is a part of the laptop computer in which all the component are present there. Many parts of the laptop are connected to each other in the motherboard its self.
  7. CPU: this means central processing unit. You can call it a processor because it processes data that is why it is called a processing device. It is also the brain of the laptop computer.
  8. COOLING FAN: the cooling is in a laptop and a desktop computer. When you are working on the laptop for a long period of time, it will start getting hot and then the cooling fan helps to keep it cool.
  9. RAM: the ram is the primary memory. It is present in a laptop computer and a desktop computer. It is also an important part of the laptop computer.
  10. ROM: this means read only memory, it can only read data. It is present in the laptop computer and desktop computer.
  11. HDD: this means hard disk drive and it has a permanent storage device. It is present in the laptop computer and the desktop computer.
  12. SDD: this means solid-state drive. It is not on every computer. you have to install it separately in your laptop or desktop computer. SSD is faster and costlier than HDD.
  13. WIRELESS CARD: this is used to run wireless internet on your laptop computer. Without the wireless card you cannot connect WIFI.
  14. VIDEO CARD: you can also call video card graphics card. The video card enhances the video and picture quality of a laptop.
  15. OPTICAL DRIVES: this is used for reading and writing optical dics. Through the optical drive you can copy the data of the optical dics on your laptop.
  16. BATTERY: every laptop has a battery. Even when there’s no electricity, you can run your laptop using the battery.
  17. CHARGER: the charger of the laptop is used to charge the battery its self so that if there is a power cut your laptop can run with its battery charged.
  18. SPEAKER: with the speaker, you can listen to music on your laptop. The speaker is present in every laptop computer.
  19. HINGES: this is a metal attached to the top panel of the laptop. The laptop screen opens and closes through hinges.
  20. EXTERNAL PORTS: you must have seen that there many ports in the laptop, which is used to connect different device to the laptop. They include: USB ports, VGA ports, MIC ports, Ethernet cable port, Headphone jack port.
  21. CAMERA: the camera is located on the top panel of the laptop computer. It can be used for video calls and it is present on every laptop computer.
  22. PALM REST ASSEMBLY: the keyboard and touchpads are located on the palm rest assembly. The important thing is that it is like a shield that protects the laptop’s motherboard from external dust and water.

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